Low carb ramen!!!

What can I say but “Oh, hell yeah!” I’m feeling all kinds of sick today, and this hits the spot! Not exactly “clean” eating, but definitely low carb! Hello, comfort food! Just throw a bag of miracle noodles with a packet of ramen seasoning (yes, you ditch the real ramen noodles), and you have a great substitute. If you like it saltier, the throw in some chicken bouillon. The added bonus is that it is a jolt of sodium as well. Simply rinse the miracle noodles, boil them in water for 10 minutes, drain, and add seasoning packet. DONE!




  1. This is the best find ever! I love ramen noodles and have really missed them. I recently started using shirataki noodles but didn’t think to use them as ramen. My life is changed!

  2. so you rinse the noodles after 10 min of cooking and then add water again for the broth?

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