Low carb ramen!!!

What can I say but “Oh, hell yeah!” I’m feeling all kinds of sick today, and this hits the spot! Not exactly “clean” eating, but definitely low carb! Hello comfort food!Just throw a bag of miracle noodles with a packet of ramen seasoning (yes, you ditch the real ramen noodles), and you have a great substitute. If you like it more salty, the throw in some chicken bouillon. The added bonus is that it is a jolt of sodium as well. Simply rinse the miracle noodles, boil them in water for 10 minutes, drain, and add seasoning packet. DONE!




7 thoughts on “Low carb ramen!!!

  1. This is the best find ever! I love ramen noodles and have really missed them. I recently started using shirataki noodles but didn’t think to use them as ramen. My life is changed!


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